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Established in 2009,”Gecko Musical Instrument Co.,ltd” is a professional manufacturer company in Guangzhou lnstrument Factory Center-Huizhou which majors in producing high quality Cajon drum, Kalimba, Ukulele and guitar.Only after sufficient market research,we start the design of all products, basing on Ergonomics Principle,combining concept of the modern cost management,absorbing the advanced tech nology and design concepts from Europe.U.S.A.,and Japan.

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  • Inner monologue of CL98 GECKO Cajon : hey…

    Inner monologue of CL98 GECKO Cajon : hey...

    According to the estimation of the financial director of the family, my price tag in the arena of Musical Instruments is about RMB 2,500.00. The elders of the family say that I am the direct blood of the first pulse o...
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  • How to play the gecko kalimba | GECKO

    How to play the gecko kalimba | GECKO

    【About Gecko Kalimba】 Gecko Kalimba is an African musical instrument, played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. It is tuned and tested well before shipment .It adopts inte...
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  • Gecko Kalimba | GECKO

    Gecko Kalimba | GECKO

    When Hugh Tracey started making his 17 key kalimba in South Africa in 1954, the instruments had one out of every three tines painted, on each side of the kalimba. These Treble kalimbas ended up with five painted tines...
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